OTD/AMP Volleyball Sleepy Time Tournament  Volleyball (Sand) · Co-Ed Multiple Levels

Summer 2017
2017-08-11 00:00:00.0
2017-08-12 00:00:00.0
Registration Dates:
2017-07-29 – 2017-08-11 regular
Volleyball Courts
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 9:00pm and 4:00am
Team Fees
Regular 0.0 per team

Format: 4v4 Rotating Pairs

What is rotating pairs? You stick with your COED teammate throughout the whole day, but you will play with & against every pair in your pool.

You will be playing 4v4 every game.

Each pair will be assigned to a net of 3 other pairs. After each pair has played through the pool (with and against the other 3 pairs), all pairs will be re-assigned a new net based on their performance. This will continue for 4 rounds then you will be paired for the single elimination tournament.

Round 1: Seeding Round 

Ã?·         1st place team in every pool will be put in pool A or B

Ã?·         2nd place team in every pool will be put in pool C or D

Ã?·         3rd place team in every pool will be put in pool E or F

Ã?·         4th place team in every pool will be put in pool G or H

Round 2 : Seeding Round

Pool A or B

Ã?·         1st- Pool 1

Ã?·         2nd- Pool 1

Ã?·         3rd- Pool 2

Ã?·         4th- Pool 2

Pool C or D

Ã?·         1st- Pool 3

Ã?·         2nd- Pool 3

Ã?·         3rd- Pool 4

Ã?·         4th- Pool 4

Pool E or F

Ã?·         1st- Pool 5

Ã?·         2nd- Pool 5

Ã?·         3rd- Pool 6

Ã?·         4th- Pool 6

Pool G or H

Ã?·         1st- Pool 7

Ã?·         2nd- Pool 7

Ã?·         3rd- Pool 8

Ã?·         4th- Pool 8

Round 3 and 4: Up and Down rounds - Top two teams go up and bottom two teams go down

Round 5: Playoffs- Single elimination bracket- Everyone will be paired top to bottom. After Round 4 Teams 1 and 2 will be paired then Teams 3 and 4 etc. for playoffs.

Tournament Notes:

Registration is closed

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