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Spring 2018
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We are kicking off our 2018 Volleyball season off April 23rd! Due to many comments and concerns from last season we are making minor adjustments to improve not only our efficiency and organization but your experience as well! One of the biggest improvements we are making is the separation of two leagues: Recreational and Advanced. The recreational leagues will be held for those whom are beginners or just want to have fun while the advanced league is meant for a higher level of competition. We made this improvement in order to ensure a better quality of opponent and gameplay consistently throughout the season. These leagues will be separated into two different time slots: 7PM for Recreational Teams and 8PM for Advanced Teams on their respective days. Weather delays, No Shows, etc. will be rescheduled for a 9PM for both Recreational and Advanced Leagues either the same day or the following week. In addition to these changes we have added a Saturday Coed 4s slot to lower congestion on our typical Tuesday and Wednesday slots. The Saturday Coed 4s League Times will vary depending on the volume at which people sign up. Due to low attendance in last year's Fall league we will no longer be offering it for free to those who signed up for Spring and Summer leagues. Fall leagues will be available to everyone at a lower price than the Spring and Summer Leagues. Pricing for all leagues are listed on our website: (www.onthedunessports.com). 

2018 Spring Advanced League Includes:

7 weeks of Games (Including Playoff Week)

End of The Season Tournament Week Held on Week 7 (June 4th - June 9th)

Cash Prize*

Makeup Games for Both Recreational and Advanced Leagues Will be Held at 9PM


Due to multiple concerns with the issue of "Sandbagging" in last years tournaments we have reformatted the way cash prizes will be given. The best team through the regular season (Weeks 1-6) will now receive 60% of the total cash pot while the overall tournament winner will receive 40% of the total cash pot. As many of you know the total cash prize varies based on participation in each respective league.

Roster & Sub Cards

In addition to our prize reformatting, we will also be implementing a new way to prevent sandbagging in the playoff tournament. Each team will receive "Roster Cards" for each individual on their team roster that will include the Player name and Team name as well as a designated area for games played to be hole punched out. We will also have "Sub Cards" available that will obtain the same information when a Team has a sub. This will ensure that the players and subs on each team participated in the regular season minimums to be eligible for their respective leagues playoff tournament. Subs are required to play at least 3 of the 6 regular season games in order to participate in the playoff tournament. Each team's captain will be responsible to check all of their roster and sub cards in prior to game start. In the case that a Roster or Sub card is forgotten their card number will be noted and receive two stamps the following week. All Roster and Sub cards will be on file to ensure that they are accurate for us, the staff, as well as you, the players.

Weather, among other things, can be pesky especially in Michigan...


In addition to all of the above changes we would like to clarify that all schedules are randomly generated through League Apps and there will no longer be switching around courts. This will make it fair for EVERYONE as well as prevent any confusion or feeling of bias. Season by season, year by year we are constantly trying to improve the experience for all players involved. Although it is a very difficult challenge to satisfy everyone, we are dedicated to enhance every aspect of our leagues and improve to benefit all. Let's make 2018 the best year of On The Dunes Volleyball yet!

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